Breathing Book for Horn (cor)

MPM 11-001
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Ei varastossa. Toimitusaika 7-14 vrk.
Kirja, joka auttaa vaskipuhaltajaa hengittämään paremmin ja kuulostamaan paremmalta. Sisällössä käydään läpi hengittämisen fysiologisia ja anatomisia faktoja ja niiden soveltamista käytännön soittoharjoituksissa.

Saatavana trumpetille, tenori- ja bassopasuunalle, euphoniumille ja tuuballe.

Kustantaja Mountain Peak Music
44 sivua, kierreselkäinen, englanninkielinen


The Breathing Book for Horn by David Nesmith is appropriate for all levels of horn players.

44 pages, spiral bound to lay flat on the music stand.

Erik Ralske, Principal Hornist in the Metropolitan Opera says:

"David Nesmith's 'Breathing Book' is a welcome addition to any horn player's library. Too often horn players dwell on the role of the embouchure and overlook the importance of relaxed, efficient breathing and exhaling. Mr. Nesmith provides the reader with not only a wealth of information and facts about our breathing anatomy, but lays out a clearly guided path of self discovery, leading to a tension free system of playing the horn. His unique experience as a certified Alexander Technique instructor and a professional hornist, combined with his communication skills make this a must read!"
Breathing Book for Horn (cor)