OperAria Alt - Repertoire (cto,pf+CD)

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Una voce poco profonda: Curtain up for Trouser Roles and Heroines

Whether the voice is lyric light or heavy, whether it can master coloratura, perhaps even has dramatic potential in the OperAria mezzo-soprano and alto volumes, singers with a deeper voice and a special talent for the trouser role through to the heroine find everything they need for their performance. Throbbing of the heart? Yes, thats simply part of the game! Feeling nervous? No, because actually nothing can go wrong with OperAria. The best vocal coach for auditions and current theatre practice. Only the voice needs to do its bit. Toi, toi, toi!

Our goal is to give the user a modern-day, systematically structured vocal coach who satisfies the demands of present-day theater practice. At long last a consistent repertoire and a well-ordered conflation of respective audition arias for all vocal genres. (Peter Anton Ling and Marina Sandel, editors)

OperAria repertoire anthology of opera arias according to vocal criteria (range, tessitura, specifics, type of aria) with due regard to practical aspects of musical and theatrical nature (style, era, role type, national provenance)

with comments on the arias

information on the composer, the librettist, the work, the range and of versions or casting
a short synopsis of the contents illuminating the basic dramatic constellation in the context of the operas plot
an evaluation from the singers point of view

with phonetic assistant and text assistant

aria texts in the original language spoken by native speakers as an audio file (mp3)
aria texts in German and English translations as a text file (pdf)
OperAria Alt - Repertoire (cto,pf+CD)