Keyboard Music transmitted in Manuscript Form (pf/org/cemb)

EB 8831
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Breitkopf Urtext
Edited by Pieter Dirksen

Whoever thinks that Scheidt did not produce any keyboard works worth mentioning besides the "Tabulatura nova" must revise his judgment. Pieter Dirksen presents 25 pieces here: twelve of them are ascertainably by Scheidt, three are early versions of pieces from the "Tabulatura nova", and ten can be assigned to Scheidt with absolute certainty on the basis of stylistic criteria. It was long believed that some of these works had been written by Sweelinck. But Dirksen, as co-editor of the Sweelinck Works for Keyboard Instruments (EB 8741-44), applies his vast stylistic knowledge to this matter and, after a detailed study of the sources, separates the pupil Scheidt from his teacher Sweelinck.
Keyboard Music transmitted in Manuscript Form (pf/org/cemb)