Cello Vielharmonie (Bruggaier)(4-5vc)

KM 2288
Hinta: 34,00 €
Ei varastossa. Toimitusaika 7-14 vrk.
24 Arrangements for 4 to 5 Cellos from Susato to Comedian Harmonists and Film Music

1. Praetorius/Caroubel Three Gavottes from: „Terpsichore“ 161
2. Phalèse Branle V
3. Purcell Trumpet Tune
4. Haydn Chorale St. Antonii aus: Divertimento B-dur Hob II:4
5. Mozart March of the Priests from „The Magic Flute“ K. 620
6. Beethoven Hymn to the Night
7. Schubert Death and the Maiden D 531
8. Flotow The last Rose of Summer from: „Martha“
9. Sibelius Festive Hymn from: „Finlandia“ op. 26
10. Gilkyson The Bare Necessities from: "The Djungle Book“
11. Reisfeld/Marcuse Mein kleiner grüner Kaktus
12. Jurmann Veronika, der Lenz ist da