Quartetstart 1 (score,parts)

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Quartetstart Level 1 is a break-through for string quartet teaching! Combining the multitudinous talents of Mary Cohen whose acclaimed Superseries materials have transformed modern string teaching methods and composer Robert Spearing, Quartetstart Level 1 provides a first-class collection of original pieces written specially for string players of around ABRSM Grade 1-2 standard.

Quartetstart Level 1 is full of stimulating and enjoyable repertoire which has been carefully devised with the beginner string quartet in mind. Exploring a wide range of musical styles as well as many interesting string effects (including simple harmonics, col legno, pizzicato and tremolo), and containing invaluable rehearsal tip throughout, these imaginative pieces will give string players the opportunity to discover the joys of ensemble playing right from the early stages of learning.

A violin 3 alternative to the viola part is provided.
Quartetstart 1 (score,parts)