Viola Playing 2 (vla)

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Viola Playing on uusi, selkeä alttoviulukoulu aloittelijoista jo pidemmälle edistyneisiin. Saatavana vihkot 1-5.
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Viola Playing Two introduces Finger Pattern No 2, together with portato bowing, extended scales in C major, G Major & F major. It then goes on to Finger Patterns No 3 & No 4, develops bowing technique including linked dotted rhythm bowing, more extended scales, chromatics, minor scales, scales in broken thirds and elementary double stops.

All the pieces in Books One & Two are written for or arranged as duets for viola and violin giving a more pleasing registration of sound and based on the assumption that viola teachers also play the violin. However the teacher parts can also be played on the viola. Music-making therefore flows naturally and is easily accomplished. The playing of duets promotes a confidence in the student and adds to the enjoyment of lessons.
Viola Playing 2 (vla)