Irish Folk Tunes for Descant Recorder (fds)

ED 13568
Hinta: 24,00 €

The Blackbird
Murpheys Hornpipe
Poll HaPenny
The Shanavest and Corovoth
Carolans Favourite Jig
Cherish the Ladies
Come Haste to the Wedding
The Frost is all Over
The Irish Washerwoman
A Jig
Let Hoary Time
March and Jig
Planxty Edward Corcoran
Planxty George Brabazon (1st Setting)
Planxty George Brabazon (2nd Setting)
Planxty ORourke
Planxty Maggie Browne
The Cutting of the Hay
The Rakes of Mallow
The Rose Tree
Boil the Breakfast Early
The Boys of Ballynahinch
Kiss the Maid Behind the Barrel(s)
The Country Girls Fortune
The Ewe with the Crooked Horn
The Goroum
The Kerry Star
Last Nights Funeral
Lough Allen
The Mill Stream
Molly on the Shore
Munster Reel
The Peelers Jacket
Single Reel
Toss the Feathers
Temple Hill
Take Her Out and Air Her
The Banks of Banna
The Blackbird and the Thrush
Cockles and Mussels
Come Rest on this Bosom
Danny Boy
Dear to Me the Big Jug
Drink of this Cup
Early in the Morning
Flower of Young Maidens
Im an Irishman from Monaghan
An Iverk Love Song
Kate Kearney
The Mountains of Mourne
Sheela na Guira
Star of the County Down
When Irish Eyes are Smiling - Adieu ye Young Men of Claudy Green
A Lament
My Lover is Fled, My Heart is Sore
Woods Lamentation
A Woman and Twenty of Them
OCarolans Farewell to Music