Works for piano trio (Complete works IV/1)

SON 631
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Complete Works (JSW)

Series IV (Works for Solo Instruments with Piano, also Arrangements) Vol 1: Works for Piano Trio (vl,vc,pno), edited by Anna Pulkki

NB: Score only (no separate instrumental parts)

Allegro in D major JS 27 (first version and revised version (fragment)) (4')
Andantino in G minor JS 43 (2')
Menuetto in F major JS 126 (3')
Trio JS 205 (11')
Trio JS 206 (21')
Trio in A minor (Havträsk Trio) JS 207 (movements I-IV (movement I: first and revised version)) (22')
Trio in C major (Lovisa Trio) JS 208 (16')
Trio in D major (Korpo Trio) JS 209
Works for piano trio (Complete works IV/1)