Double Bass Sight-Reading (cb)

ED 13634
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To the pupil
Section 1: Open strings, pizzicato, forte / piano
Section 2: Use of the bow (arco), 1/2 position (first finger). 3/4 time and dotted minim (3 beats). New dynamics: mf and mp
Section 3: 1st, 2nd and 4th positions. Key signatures of F, Bb, Eb majors and D minor. Slurs, and further dynamic signs
Section 4: Range up to B natural. Keys of C, G and D majors, G and C minors. New time signature of 3/8
Section 5: Range of notes extended to D but the keys remain the same. 3rd position is introduced together with triplet figures, further use of articulation and terms of style
Section 6: Range extended to G. New keys of A, E and Ab major, F, F# and C# minor. New time signatures for 5/4, 3/8 and 6/8
Section 7: Extending the range to B natural. Thumb position. Introducing the Tenor Clef
Section 8: Various keys, time signatures and rhythms. Introducing Db and F# majors. Rhythms include ties and some syncopation
Section 9: Various styles, keys, rhythms ans syncopations
Section 10: Range extends to D. treble clef, 7/4 time and further syncopations and anticipation. Swing rhythms and walking bass. Double flats and chord symbols
Section 11: Various styles, keys, time signatures and tonalities