Orchestral Violinist's Companion 1 & 2

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Perusteellinen opas viulistille, joka tähtää orkesterimuusikon uljaalle uralle! Oppaasta löytyy kokeneen muusikon vastauksia ja avartavia näkökantoja aiheesta kuin aiheesta, olipa kyse yhteissoitosta, pizzicato-tekniikoista, koesoitoista tai elämästä orkesterissa.

The Orchestral Violinist's Companion is a guide to the art of playing the violin in a professional orchestra.

It is a workbook, reference tool, and textbook for:
- conservatory and college students who are preparing for an orchestral career
- Audition candidates at the beginning or at later stages in their careers
- string teachers, conductors, and composers
- classes at conservatories, universities, and summer programmes


Vol. 1: Training | Practicing and Sight-Reading | Basic Orchestral Technique | Bowing Technique and Sound Production

Vol. 2: Left-Hand Technique | Pizzicato and Other Special Techniques | Rhythm and Ensemble Playing | Notation and Performance Practice | Repertoire and Style | Profession and Career | Resources


- Practice techniques
- Sight-reading
- Daily practice routine
- Looking after your body
- Bow technique and tone production
- Left hand technique
- Pizzicato technique and other special techniques
- Rhythm and ensemble playing
- Notation and performance practice
- Preparing of orchestral parts
- Italian, French and German terms and abbreviations
- Knowledge of style
- Development of a core repertoire
- Preparation for auditions
- Coping with stage fright
- Coping with orchestral life
- Appreciation for the orchestra as a social environment
- Coping with the long-term physical and mental pressures in an orchestra
Orchestral Violinist's Companion 1 & 2