3 Celtic Melodies (string orch)(score,parts)

CW 414
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The melodies are original, not actual folk melodies, and the parts are tiered so that players from beginner to lower intermediate level can participate. Viola 2 and cello 2 are both optional and are doubled by other parts, but are included so that complete beginners on these instruments can take part. Limited use of 3rd position in the violin 1 part.


vl 1, 2, 3
vla 1, 2
vc 1, 2


5 x vl1, 5 x vl2, 5 x vl3
3 x vla1, 3 x vla2
3 x vc1, 3 x vc2
2 x cb

3 Celtic Melodies (string orch)(score,parts)