Groove String ConneXion (string ensemble+CD)

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1. Ruching Blues (Gunther Tiedemann)
2. Pluck Party (Gunther Tiedemann)
3. Bratfisch (Gunther Tiedemann)
4. The Pink Panther (Henri Mancini / Gunther Tiedemann)
5.1 Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (trad.)
5.2 Go Down Moses (trad.)
5.3 Nobody Knows the Trouble Ive Seen (trad.)
5.4 Oh When the Saints Go Marching in (trad.)
6. Banana Suite (Gunther Tiedemann)
6.1 Monkeys Breakfast Theme (trad.)
6.2 Chimps Snack Theme (trad.)
6.4 Banana Theme (trad.)
7 Explanatory Notes on the Pieces